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Our Newest Vapor Cap


The Herbal Vapor Cap, model 244, is designed especially for use with herbs and is an improvement on our Original Vapor Cap, the model 226. It runs a little cooler than the original, which makes for a shorter learning curve. It can also be totally taken apart for cleaning and has no hidden crevices. The edge of the hot plate rests on a silicone o-ring instead of the wood frame of the cap, which prevents the frame from heating up and possibly charring.

We hope you enjoy this newest member of the Lotus family.

Health, Justice, and the Innocence Project

We believe that everyone should be as healthy as possible, which led to the creation of the Lotus vaporizer. We also believe that everyone should be treated justly and allowed all the freedom that a society can give without our harming each other. To this end we support the Innocence Project, which uses DNA testing to [...]

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Dab Rig Adapter

Would you like to use your Lotus with your dab rig? We now have a bowl/adapter that fits a 14mm male downstem. It's all stainless steel and has silicone O-rings to ensure a non-sticking fit. Just be sure that the mouthpiece is located high enough that you can see the Lotus hot plate when you [...]

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Jobon Torch

We found a new torch that goes very well with the Lotus, the Jobon ZB-635. It is the same size as the Honest torch but with a larger tank, larger flame and includes a flame lock. We like it so much that we are making it our standard torch.

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Liquid Pads

After a lot of searching, we finally found a liquid pad that fits the Lotus. It takes more heat than using dry herb but works very well.

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Lotus Black Cap Upgrade

We have upgraded the Lotus Black Cap so it runs hotter. Starting in July 2016 a smaller spacer is being used under the cap hot plate. This spacer is half the width of the former spacer, absorbs less heat from the hot plate and transfers less heat to the wood frame.   It is available as [...]

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Debris Screen for Vapor Caps

A lot of people have been asking for a screen that fits in the vapor cap to keep the cap free of debris. All our vapor caps since 7/11/16 now include such a screen. We also have screens available under accessories that can be retrofitted into your existing vapor cap. A leash is attached to [...]

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The Lotus backstory

I became interested in vaporizers in 2007. I looked at the then available butane powered vaporizers and thought that I could make one that is healthier and faster operating. Three years and 12 prototypes later the first Lotus was ready to sell. I thought then that the Lotus was perfect and couldn't be improved. Now [...]

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