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  • Pipe kit including a water pipe adapter (WPA).

Combination Pipe and Bowl/Adapter Kit


    The best of two worlds! Now you can choose between vaporizing with the Lotus Vaporizer pipe or with your 14mm cooling device.

    The Combination Pipe and Bowl/Adapter kit includes:

    • The Lotus Vaporizing pipe, featuring a maple vapor cap and an aluminum stem with a stainless steel bowl. The vapor cap is easily removed and completely separates the vaporizing air from any butane fumes. More details A stir stick is bonded to the cap for convenience in mixing the bowl contents.
    Two vapor cap options are available:
    The Standard vapor cap is for flowers.
    The Black cap is both for flowers and high temperature or concentrate use. More details
    The hot plate of the Black Cap is warrantied for 90 days due to its expected operating conditions.

    The stem is available in two lengths, 6 1/2 inches and 5 1/2 inches.  More details

    • single flame torch

    Two torch options are available:

    The Honest torch is our standard, reliable single flame torch. Not the prettiest torch but one of the most rugged.

    The Zico torch is larger than our standard torch and much more comfortable to hold and to use, taking less than half the force to operate.
    The flame is also adjustable without a tool. And yes, it fits in the standard zipper pouch along-side the Lotus pipe.

    Note that the torches are shipped without fuel. Be sure to use 3X or 5X filtered butane for longevity.
    A 1/2" to 5/8" torch flame length is key to the operation of the Lotus.

    Consider purchasing the accessory scoop. It makes loading your Lotus much easier and cleaner.


    One year warranty on the hot plate of the model 226 vapor cap.
    90 day warranty on the hot plate of the model 234 vapor cap (Black cap).
    Three year warranty on the rest of the vapor cap and the Lotus stem.
    60 warranty on the torch.

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