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Hi Temp Model 234 Vapor Caps


We are sorry but  the model 234 hi temp vapor caps are out of stock and back ordered. They should be in stock by March 29. Sorry for the inconvenience.

​Green Packaging, Healthier Planet

We have now eliminated plastic bags and packing filler from our store. Our packing peanuts are made from potato starch (Just like fries but without the flavor, or nutrition) or recycled peanuts. Our plastic bags are now paper envelopes. Our bubble wrap is recycled. A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Vaporscope stem is now available

We designed the stem for both beginning vapers (?) and those looking for maximum extraction. The main tube (scope tube) is aimed at your right eye so you are looking thru 4 inches of vapor. You can see exactly when vapor is being generated, giving you great control. Glass ring under the bowl makes for a [...]

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A New Hi Temp Vapor Cap

We now have available a Hi Temp vapor cap in silver in addition to the one in black. This is exactly the same as the black cap except for the color of the Lotus ring and the price. The silver ringed hi temp cap costs $8 less than the black cap.

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Our Sunburst Hot Plate is Back

Do you want to add some bling to your Lotus? Hello sunburst. This is the original hot plate, which was replaced by the present plate; a step up in longevity but a step down in style. The sunburst plate will still last 6+ months, on average.

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My Favorite Water Pipe

This side car by Ronin is great. The dome gives you a perfect view of the vapor so you can dial in your heating and get just the vapor quality you want: wispy to potent. If you are trying for maximum extraction without combustion, this is the tool you need. A real heavyweight at one [...]

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J-Hook Hack

Cool your vapor with your J-hook instead of a water pipe. Twist two cotton pipe cleaners around a straightened paperclip, soak in water and insert. Great cooling.

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Our Newest Vapor Cap

The Herbal Vapor Cap, model 244, is designed especially for use with herbs and is an improvement on our Original Vapor Cap, the model 226. It runs a little cooler than the original, which makes for a shorter learning curve. It can also be totally taken apart for cleaning and has no hidden crevices. The [...]

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Health, Justice, and the Innocence Project

We believe that everyone should be as healthy as possible, which led to the creation of the Lotus vaporizer. We also believe that everyone should be treated justly and allowed all the freedom that a society can give without our harming each other. To this end we support the Innocence Project, which uses DNA testing to [...]

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Dab Rig Adapter

Would you like to use your Lotus with your dab rig? We now have a bowl/adapter that fits a 14mm male downstem. It's all stainless steel and has silicone O-rings to ensure a non-sticking fit. Just be sure that the mouthpiece is located high enough that you can see the Lotus hot plate when you [...]

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