A paragon in vapor

Flawless Californian design and masterful Italian artistry give life to this oustanding vaporizer that meets the highest standards in performance.

patented design for outstanding taste and performance

Lotus is a 100% convection vaporizer, which means that the herbs are heated exclusively by hot air and not by contact with a hot surface. This results in thorough, even extractions that deliver all of the amazing flavors and properties of your herb's precious terpenes.

frequently asked

is the Lotus compatible with wax and concentrates?

OH YES! With the concentrate pad the Lotus becomes a real beast in extracting all sorts of concentrates.

maintenance & cleaning in short words

the lotus does not actually require any maintenance and for cleaning, the WPA adapter can easily be placed in a cleaning solution.
The lotus cap does not need cleaning.

how big is the bowl

The bowl can pack up to 0.3 gramms

biggest advantages of the Lotus

-perfect for your 14mm water piece
-produces gigantic clouds
-due to its patented design and the quality of the materials (only natural raw materials) you have an incomparably pure and detailed taste profile
-needs no maintenance and is easy to clean
-californian design handmade in italy
-perfect for flower, wax and concentrates
-long lifespan when used properly
-short learning curve

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