Legal notice


vapman is not a medical device and cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or medical condition. If you have health problems, consult a physician before using vapman. The products and accessories of vapman GmbH are intended only for persons who have reached the age of and do not violate the laws of the respective country. vapman is not intended to be used with any illegal, medicinal or harmful substances, and is sold under the condition that it is not used for unlawful purposes. Any improper or unlawful use of vapman will invalidate the warranty. Unlawful use may further result in legal penalties including fines. The manufacturer, retailer, their staff, directors, and/ or shareholders are not to be held responsible for the illegal use of vapman or for any consequences to the resulting from its use. vapman is not intended to be used with liquids, concentrates as well as they are not suitable for tobacco products. Keep the products away from children and pets. By purchasing and using vapman products, you agree to indemnify and hold vapman GmbH harmless for any injury resulting from direct or indirect use. This statement has not been reviewed or evaluated by any agency or governmental body in any jurisdiction.