Mendocino Therapeutics offers three different vapor caps for the Lotus, the original cap, the herbal cap and the hi-temp or Black cap.

vapor-cap1.jpg   dscn1570cc.jpg    blk-cap1.jpg

The standard cap works is designed for flowers and is warrantied for three years, except for the hot plate, which is warrantied for one year. The warranties cover normal usage. The hot plate warranty does not cover puncture by sharp objects and the cap warranty does not cover overheating and wood charring.

Those who use concentrates or like to vaporize a complete bowl in one go should consider purchasing the Black cap. It is designed for high temperature use and will not char under normal concentrate usage. It can also be totally disassembled for cleaning, leaving no hidden crevices to hold debris, and comes with a wrench and spare screws. Due to the high temperatures involved, the hot plate on the Black cap has a 90 day warranty.