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The ultimate flame based, portable vaporizer. The Lotus Vaporizing pipe features a maple vapor cap and an aluminum stem with a stainless steel bowl. The vapor cap is easily removed and completely separates the vaporizing air from any butane fumes. More details A stir stick is bonded to the cap for convenience in mixing the bowl contents. A debris screen is installed in the cap to keep the interior clean.

Three models of caps are available: the high temperature silver, high temperature black and Saucer. The high temperature caps, available with either a silver or ceramic coated black Lotus ring, are for use with both flowers and concentrates, as is the Saucer cap. More details All cap models operate identically.

The Saucer cap's larger size and saucer-like shape partially shield your fingers from the hot metal parts, providing an extra layer of protection during cap removal.

 The hot plate on the cap is not warrantied due to the high operating temperature encountered with concentrates. Hotplate lifespan is typically 2+ years when used with flowers, 1 year with concentrates, and is easily replaced.



Important! You will also need a crook necked torch to heat your Lotus Vaporizer.  Get it here or use your own. A kitchen torch can be used if it is adjusted to a smaller flame size.

We recommend that you also purchase the accessory scoop. It makes loading your Lotus much easier and cleaner.

Current Stock:
Width: 8.00
Height: 1.00
Depth: 2.00
Warranty: One year warranty on the hot plate of the model 226 vapor cap.
90 day warranty on the hot plate of the model 234 vapor cap (Black cap).
Three year warranty on the rest of the vapor cap and the Lotus stem.
60 day warranty on the torch.