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Product Information

This kit provides you with a our new Vaporscope stem, a Lotus vapor cap, a water pipe adapter, and a torch lighter. Put them together and you have the easiest to use vaporizer that we offer and the one best suited to microdosing. You can also use only the vapor cap and water pipe adapter to convert any other 14 mm water pipe into a vaporizer.
The Lotus Vaporscope Kit includes:

Vapor Cap
A maple vapor cap which attaches magnetically to the water pipe adapter. The vapor cap is easily removed and completely separates the vaporizing air from any butane fumes. More details A stir stick is bonded to the cap for convenience in mixing the bowl contents.

This high temperature cap, available with either a silver or ceramic coated black Lotus ring, is for use with both flowers and concentrates. More details Both cap models operate identically. We have previously sold other cap models but settled on this one due to it's superior lifespan.

The hot plate is not warrantied due to the high operating temperature encountered with concentrates. Hotplate lifespan is typically 2+ years when used with flowers, 1 year with concentrates and is easily replaced.

14 mm Vaporscope Stem (The stem does not fit into our carry bags.)

Single Flame Torch

Two torch options are available
The Honest torch is our most economical single flame torch. Not the prettiest torch but one of the most rugged.
The Jobon ZB-673 torch is our new standard torch. It's a desktop torch but it fits in our carry bag. It's more comfortable to use than the Honest torch with an easy to push button, a larger flame and a flame lock.
Torches are shipped without fuel. Use 3X or 5X filtered butane for longevity.

A 1/2" to 5/8" torch flame length is key to the operation of the Lotus.
14mm Water Pipe Adapter More details


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Width: 6.00
Height: 4.00
Depth: 12.00