how to use & clean

The most important element to using the Lotus is the length of the torch flame. If the flame is adjusted correctly then it is easy to vaporize with the Lotus.
The correct flame length is a 1/2" - 5/8" long inner flame, which is the distance between two points on the Lotus top plate.
Load the bowl half full with ground material, do not tamp it down.

 Put the vapor cap on the bowl.
 Hold the Lotus to your mouth with the vapor cap facing up. Hold the lit torch almost vertical with the flame tip touching the center of the hot plate.
Preheat the plate to a slow count of four and then start to inhale. Inhale slowly (If you were going to take a full breath it would take to the count of 10).
Move the flame in a small circle at the center of the hot plate.
Continue inhaling until your lungs are half full. Clear the bowl of vapor by removing the torch for the last second.
Remove the Lotus from your mouth and fill your lungs with fresh air to prevent gagging.
Note: The Lotus stops vaporizing as soon as you stop drawing on it.
Repeat the inhalation process until the material is done, don't forget to stir in between.
empty your bowl
Cleaning the Lotus Vaporizer
is very simple!

place the WPA and your stem in a cleaning solution
the CAP does not need to be cleaned as only air flows through it